Create floating texts for your PocketMine server !

Welcome your players with a nice, class, and clean message, display infos on large walls easily, and much more in a few steps using this plugin!

Downloading the plugin.

  1. Go to https://download.ad5001.eu/en/view.php?src=git&name=FloatingTexts and click "Download".

  2. After the .phar has been downloaded, put it into your "plugins" folder.

  3. Restart your server.

Create a floating text.

  1. Spawn any sort of mob (using a spawn egg or /summon)

  2. Then enter command "/createfloat ". Use \n to go to next line.

  3. Hit the mob you want to transform into a floating text.

And voilà ! You have created a floating text !


For those who didn't know, I always use the BoxOfDevs Public General License v1.1.3 due to some old problems.

Name: FloatingTexts
Author: Ad5001
Main: Ad5001\FloatingTexts\Main
Version: 1
Api: 3.0.0, 3.0.0-ALPHA3, 3.0.0-ALPHA9
Commands: createfloat
Permissions: floatingtexts.cmd
Téléchargements: 208

Veuillez noter que nous comptons le nombre de téléchargements anonymement :).

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